AVST CX-E Voicemail Instructions



Listening to Voicemail Messages

Description: There are two ways to listen to voicemail messages: By phone or by pc.

How to listen to messages by phone

1.      Dial x2999 (or 206 934-2999 from a non campus phone). Or if your phone has a Message button just press that.

2.      When prompted for security code enter your security code. (If you haven’t set up your account yet the default security code is 0000).

Note: If accessing the system from a phone other than your own you will hear a prompt asking you to enter the extension number of the person you are trying to reach. Just press # and you will be able to enter your extension and security code.

3.      You are now at the main menu. Press 1 to listen to messages. Press 2 to record and send a message. Press 3 for personal options such as recording your greeting. See the following links for more information…


Listening to Messages via PC using Web PhoneManager

AVST Web PhoneManager is a web-based application for managing your voicemail settings and for playing voicemail messages. Messages can be played through the associated phone or through pc speakers or headset. Messages can also be downloaded to your computer.

Using Web PhoneManager

1.      If your account is set up to use Web PhoneManager when you receive a new voicemail message you will get an email notification like the following. To listen to your message using Web PhoneManager click on the link in the email:


2.      You will be prompted to logon. Use your extension and voicemail security code. Check the “Remember me” option to avoid having to log on in the future:

3.      Once logged on press the “Play” button. Your phone will ring. Answer your phone and the message will begin playing. If you would like to listen to the message via your pc speakers instead of your phone, click the Web PhoneManager Settings option on the left and choose “Streaming Media”. Now when you click Play the message will play through your speakers. Note: you can also choose the Download option from Web PhoneManager settings. This allows you to save the message to your computer as an audio file.

A Note about Streaming Media Message Playback: The Flash player plugin is required for playing streaming media files through your browser. When you attempt to listen to a message you may be prompted to install the Flash player. The recommended browser is Internet Explorer. Other browsers like Chrome or Firefox will also work but may require other steps to enable the Flash plugin.

Note: You can access Web PhoneManager anytime at the following url: http://scdcxphone.seattlecolleges.edu/

For information about other ways to use Web PhoneManager click here:

Managing Unified Messaging Settings using Web PhoneManager




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