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Web PhoneManager

Description: AVST Web PhoneManager is a web-based application for managing your voicemail settings and for playing voicemail messages. Messages can be played through the associated phone or through pc speakers or headset. Messages can also be downloaded to your computer.

Note: Message playback via Web PhoneManager may not be available in all locations. But you can still use Web PhoneManager to view missed calls and to modify settings. For more information contact SCD IT Telecommunications.


Using Web PhoneManager to listen to messages

1.      If your account is set up to use Web PhoneManager when you receive a new voicemail message you will get an email notification like the following. To listen to your message using Web PhoneManager click on the link in the email:


2.      You will be prompted to logon. Use your extension and voicemail security code. Check the “Remember me” option to avoid having to log on in the future:

3.      Once logged on press the “Play” button. Your phone will ring. Answer your phone and the message will begin playing. If you would like to listen to the message via your pc speakers instead of your phone, click the Web PhoneManager Settings option on the left and choose “Streaming Media”. Now when you click Play the message will play through your speakers. Note: you can also choose the Download option from Web PhoneManager settings. This allows you to save the message to your computer as an audio file.

Note: You can access Web PhoneManager anytime at the following url: http://scdcxphone.seattlecolleges.edu/

For information about other ways to use Web PhoneManager click here:

Managing Unified Messaging Settings using Web PhoneManager




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