Voicemail Instructions and User Guides – AVST-CX



AVST CX-E Unified Messaging Voicemail System Guides (new system, effective 5/31/2018)


*      Step 1 - Setting up and navigating your AVST Voicemail account

*      Step 2 - Setting up & using your AVST CX Outlook app

Additional Help:

o   Accessing and managing voicemail via telephone from office or home

o   Using speech commands to navigate the voicemail system

o   How to Reset your security code

o   Listening to Voicemail Messages

o   Transferring a caller directly to someone’s voicemail without ringing their phone

o   Changing your recorded name and/or greeting

o   Using Web PhoneManager to change Settings

o   Using Web PhoneManager to listen to messages

o   FAQ


Note to ESD & DSHS staff: Please refer to the following link for special instructions for your agency:




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