Telephone System FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get. Please let us know if you have others.

  1. Can I dial just four digits to reach the other campuses?

Yes, with the exception of the Seattle Maritime Academy.

  1. If I have an emergency, how do I dial 911?

You can dial 911 or 9,911. If you do have to place an emergency call, be sure to give the cross streets of your location and send a runner to meet the arriving unit. You should also call security to alert them to the situation.

  1. Why do I sometimes get locked out of my voice mail box?

If you enter your password incorrectly too many times, the system will lock you out. You then need to contact either Fleda Ramos (ext 4195) or Greg McBrady (ext 3278) and ask that your mail box be unlocked.

  1. When Iím out of the office and/or out of town can I still get my voice mail messages?

The voice mail system can be reached from any touch tone telephone. Just dial 2999 from on campus or (206) 934-2999 from off. If prompted for mailbox number enter your 4-digit phone extension. When prompted for security code enter your security code.

  1. Why should I activate the Send All Calls option when I'm not at my desk?

This is a courtesy to your callers and co-workers to save them from listening to your phone ringing before it goes to voicemail or routes to the next phone in your coverage path..

  1. Why is my message light ON when I donít have any new voicemail messages in my inbox?

You may have a new voicemail message somewhere in your inbox. Check your Deleted folder or other folders that you might have over looked.

  1. Can I retrieve a voice mail message I accidentally deleted?

When you delete a voicemail message it is moved to your Deleted Items folder. To restore the message move it from your Deleted folder back to your Inbox.

  1. My phone won't ring: It just beeps and I can't answer it.

Your phone may be on Send All Calls or it may be Call Forwarded to another extension. Press #8 to turn off Send All Calls and #4 to turn off Call Forwarding.

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